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Image by Sergey Zolkin

We are passionate about creating timeless and unique designs for brands and entrepreneurs to thrive.





We are a Cork-based Graphic Design & Branding Studio that creates authentic and intuitive designs for brands. We help create memorable businesses that transmit empathy and establish deep bonds with their audience. 


From graphics and branding to social media management and copywriting - we help you build an image and message that truly reflects your brand's personality. 


Marh comes from the Portuguese word ''Mar'' - which in English means sea. The founders are Portuguese, and Portugal is well known for its extensive coastline, so the name could not be more in line with the soul of the business.

Ana is Marh studios' creative heart. She creates catchy and emotional storytelling and memorable design that allows brands and businesses to stand out from the crowd.


As an art lover, she loves creating minimalist illustrations that convey meaningful messages and establish a deep connection with audiences.


Adept at overseeing all stages of a project lifecycle, from brainstorming to delivery, she's very attentive to detail and puts passion in everything she does. The truth is that she's always looking for her next challenge!


Ana Ferreira

Brand Designer and SM Strategist

The Team

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Daniel Sousa

Marketing and Brand Strategist

Daniel is Marh studios' expert in creating robust brand strategies. He believes that when businesses skip the strategic part of building a brand, they end up with empty designs and wasting lots of money.


Through building intuitive and successful user experiences, he aims to help clients achieve their business goals through their websites.


As a sports lover, he loves creating parallelism with design. As, like any sport, websites equally need technical foundation, speed and accuracy. And just like a good football match, a good web design keeps the viewer engaged!

For us, the secret to a successful brand goes beyond beautiful designs. You need to be authentic and purposeful - and for that, you need to establish a deep bond with your potential clients. We're here to help you with that!


What we stand for

We know how crucial making your voice heard is; That's why we value so much keeping close contact with our customers - we want you to feel empowered and seen. 


We work with honesty and respect for our customers and are committed to building a better future. For this reason, sustainability is also a key factor for us. And, of course, we love working with brands that share the same vision!

Ethics & Sustainability

Brands we've worked with

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